1. The Lighthouse, the BIrd and the Poem on the Shore

This is an interactive photography book with poetry about memory, loss and death. The book is changing a lot as I am making it right now ( May 2016)..and still re-editing on the website. They pictures and poetry will probably change a lot.  I would like to see how I can open up a space in photography and poetry to talk about death in a way that is helpful and meaningful for people who read it. It's difficult to talk about it collectively. Perhaps by reading about it, you may also want to use more art and poetry for your own ideas about it. Here in the Western part of Canada, a lot of conceptual artist use text with photography.  There are defintely a lot more stories to tell and new ways to merge our voices with our images all the time on the web. With the need to include more and more voices in parts of our histories to gain a better understanding of who we are, it is important for artists to work with oral history. I am looking at how story telling can be combined with photography in this project called The Lighthouse, The Bird, and the Poem on the Shore.

sample of the book (flip at the top corners) :



2. El Salvador

El Salvador is a booklet of 20 abstract flower drawings and paintings that I made after my trips in El Salvador. There is some poetry in it .

The booklet has a sample  which you are welcome to look at :

You may also view more samples of my art in  my sketchbook video

3. Vancouver

This  booklet is a photography project about  an intersection between the chaos and unrestricted growth in nature and the predictability and order of an every day urban setting. It appears to articulate nothing at all if you look at the bushes, the trees and the grass of the lot. In fact you could walk past it and see nothing at all. But, when you look closely between this edge that seemingly separates the constructors from the constructed we see that it is not the tall buildings that are left speaking. It is the earth that is talking in what it is making and the buildings that are left silent. In this creative tension of opposites, what always escapes is poetry and meaning from the earth who is always recreating itself in abundance in the not so empty lots.

If you would like to read more about  Vancouver, please visit:



4. Sketchbook

My sketchbook along with some notes about it, which is updated every year, is at:

I also have an online video of my sketchbook which gives you a sample of the art, art books and multimedia projects that I make.  It has art that I made from my sketchbook in highschool mixed with very recent art projects. The link is right below.

sketchbook video

I have 18 images from my sketchbook for sale on etsy:

5. Under the Cherry Blossom Tree (art book on pdf)

This is a small photography book that can be turned into a mural for 20 pictures that I took at the Cherry Blossom Festival inm English Bay in April 2014.

The sample is available at :

It's an instant digital download. I am also able to print it on paper form.

6. Inverness Street ( swf digital download)

This is a photographic essay with poetry about how to find meaning in nature in our busy lives. It documents how our way of seeing what is around us can permit us to see art and where it may be from. The vivid photography is mixed with poetry to find meaning behind what we see in nature. As I went to the site to take pictures , I did not know what I would find. Slowly, what began to look like an art room began to emerge as I took pictures of it for this book.


Inverness Street

If you walk slowly along Inverness Street, on a street that looks like any other street, everything seems so predictable .

But, if you look at this block, close to the middle of Vancouver, from the gaze of someone who wants to see art, it is possible to open another door into another place there. Sometimes doors open depending upon what point of view you may have. As time slows down on Inverness Street, things change. Come in ! If you slow down with life and let things appear as they come, you start to see things bloom, as they emerge into life.

I took out my camera on Inverness Street to document this place which appeared to be filled with life, only to learn that the things we thought we knew quite well, such as the trees or the pavement, all became signifiers or doors into other relationships, if you look at them with a focused and deliberate slowness, you see something else. As I moved and looked at the surface of the trees with my camera, I began to be filled with delight. The frames in the camera began to be filled with surfaces and memories of trees that were more beautiful and surprising than anything I thought that I would ever see.

I began to take pictures of what looked like an art project, with paint dripping down some of the bark, a combination of colours mixed on the surface of the bark, a papier-mâché project, an antique still life, some pictures of flowers and, of course, the beginning of a fairy tale that seemed to be asking for our interpretation....

sample of the book:

video about the book:


Sketchbook Communications

The books samples can be downloaded to your desktop.  There is an animated sketchbook of my art at the website. If you would like to buy the art books and art prints, they are available here at the store.  

sketchbook video

more: youtube art videos