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A Forest Along the Margins of the Shore

Posted by Susana Roque on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This set of images are meant to be viewed together. They are a part of a photography project for The Lighthouse the Bird and the Poem on the Shore that I am working on. I have twelve images in this series. There is a book sample attached to this image above, so you can download it and see if you like it. ( ie you need to check the colours and dimensions when it prints. ) You need to press the buttons in the site to look into the project. This art book,  is in a pdf ebook form. Once you go into the desciption, you will need to open up the link to download it. Hope this helps...and yeah, for those who are reading this blog, all the art books have a sample...and most of them can be hope you like my little corner on the web.You can come in !  The entrance is at :

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Welcome to my artist blog or my art journaling posts. I would like to show you pictures of my art and writings as I make it.

I am interested in everything about visual art: art, drawings, paintings, photography, sculptures, videos and interactive ebooks. 

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