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A forest in the margins of the Shore

Posted by Susana Roque on Friday, October 14, 2016
A Forest in the Margins of the Shore

This photography project/installation has sixteen photographs of bark that I took in Vancouver, at the Stanley Park sea wall, along the shore. This is a series of art work for an interactive art book on the web that I am working on, The Lighthouse, the Bird and the Poem on the Shore (

These pictures, and their materiality, take me into a a story to respond to questions which I can only really ask along the sea shore. I am hoping to find a poem here to find answers about loss, memory and the past by looking deeply into what I find with photography. What does the reflection of who we are and what we do by the sea tell us about ourselves?
What is it about us that stays and leaves in what comes and goes in the margins of the shore ? Can this line, or margin, that we draw, question and respond to be opened up to heal and better respond to who we are when time and space, and the life it sustains, inverts and fades ? How do we illustrate this dialogue to find our own poem along the shore.

If we take enough pictures on a question, the answers may eventually begin to take shape on the screen.

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