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Posted by Susana Roque on Wednesday, February 26, 2014

intersection: This picture is from a series of photographs that were taken on a seemingly "empty" lot in the intersection of Burrard and 4th street in Vancouver. I tried to find poetry and meaning along the edge of the wall of the building beside the lot, right along were the bushes were growing against. The picture is also influenced by abstract expressionism, arte povera and earth art.

This picture is at an intersection between the chaos and unrestricted growth in nature and the predictability and order of an every day urban setting. It appears to articulate nothing at all if you look at the bushes, the trees and the grass of the lot. In fact you could walk past it and see nothing at all. But, when you look closely between this edge that seemingly separates the constructors from the constructed we see that it is not the tall buildings that are left speaking. It is the earth that is talking in what it is making and the buildings that are left silent. In this creative tension of opposites, what always escapes is poetry and meaning from the earth who is always recreating itself in abundance in the not so empty lots.

Tags: contemporary art  poetry  writing 

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