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Posted by Susana Roque on Monday, April 27, 2015
This poem is about the death of my tabby cat friend Simba.
I was unable to save him from the strong coyotes outside. 

Love is small spurts
like a sprinkler
or a small firework
chubby, with one fang, a crooked tail and no nails
from no special caste you came, grey and white
jumping so freely
like a small dolphin coming to kiss my hand
with a splash
a small push on my hand
with a sound of innocence that had no boundaries of definition
an unobstructed voice piercing through like a ray of light
that changed me and made me a friend
sweetness has no price
yet it can disappear into the puff of smoke of a mortal sin
from the negligence of the careless betrayal of a poor habit
with a "yeah whatever in the heart" leading to " I didn't know that could happen"
of an an opened door in the night with no freedom
the love of an animal
so objectified by those who hunt
and take life as a means to an end ( in packs)
so insignificant to those who must survive
and significant to those who know death
and appreciate the  transient splash of their generosity

I love you Simba

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