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Simba, the tabby cat, on the couch

Posted by Susana Roque on Thursday, October 20, 2016
Simba, the tabby cat, on my couch

sometimes you sat under the tree in front of my window, looking in
reaching out with your tail curled around you
protecting and observing me
sometimes I was art journaling
other times I wa probably planning what I would do the next day
nothing significant, it seemed
Yes, you came in a couple of times
looking  all around as though you wanted to belong here
but you didn't quite fit
After a couple of hours, you pointed with your eyes at the door
for me to let you out
Once, you came in and sat on my bed with your one fang, no finger nails, crooked tail and very chubby belly
You always wanted to say more but I didn't undertand Simba
You let out a sound then that came out of you
from an absolute place that was non-human
It was kind of weird but I fell in love with that swirl
Then, I saw you standing by the fence or walking the yard a couple of times
I didn't know what would happen on that fateful day when I was art journaling about the neem leaves
that day the coyotes came and tore you to pieces
as if you were a mat
making the shrieking and absolute sounds of thieves or the essence of theft-
a murderous pub crawl
with yelling to discourage people from taking away their goods
I couldn't get there on time and he died.
Then came the part that some of you may not know.
Simba, my buddy and neighbour's cat loved me
but he couldn't let me really know until later
Maybe I didn't know what he had given me.
I grieved his departure with that empty hollowness that makes you tired,
if some of you know what I mean.
You see, he had taken the back door into that part of my spirit
where we connect to others
and sat there from time to time resting his spirit and curling himslef
on my green couch with his one fang and his chubby tummy
I am not sure what he had been thinking  there
I do know that he loved me there.

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