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Vancouver: An Intersection of 4th and Burrard Street

Posted by Susana Roque on Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Vancouver (Intersection at 4th and Burrard Street):

If you walk by this corner of 4th and Burrard, you might see some grass, bits of twigs and a large tree. To see this you might need to look past your definition of “an empty lot.”  To see nature a bit further, you might need to look at it for a longer time , through your own eyes, so that what it means to you depends on your own experience of it rather than on a generic existing definition which was made by someone else.

When I saw this seemingly”empty lot” on 4th and Burrard, I came upon what looked to be like an empty lot with some grass, twigs and a beautiful tree. The experience of taking pictures of nature close-up taught me that what often looks empty to us, is already defined by what we think it should be and often something else. Photography teaches us to in between language and what we know. This is what happened with this photography project on this clearly sunny day in Vancouver.

Vancouver is beautiful on a large scale. As you look towards the North you can see the mountains and a beautiful ocean at Kitsilano beach from this small corner of the world. All this has a beginning, on a smaller scale, and comes from somewhere else. The most majestic things start out as being miniature in size.

I was going to take pictures of the mountains and Kitsilano beach when I noticed that there was a spectacular show of nature before I arrived there. The generosity of art in nature is humbling not just for what it looks like but also for the promises about everything it could become that it suggests in its quiet openess.

As I stepped closer to the lot, I began noticing that some of the shrubs were making some interesting shadows against the blue wall. I began to take pictures of them. They seemed to look more beautiful as I took more pictures and came closer. I sat down and noticed that in between the blue wall and the earth, there was a symphony of life ripening into some wonderful colours. It is here that I took my pictures of beautiful Vancouver against this blue canvas which became the blue sky for them. It isalways in the most unexpected places that we find the most beautiful things. I didn't expect this surprise which was so miniature in size on my walk to the beach.

At the intersection of 4th and Burrard Street, between the earth and the urban landscape, I saw a vivid poem moving with the wind, like not-so-still life portaits against the blue canvas

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