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your song

Posted by Susana Roque on Saturday, May 3, 2014



Inside the heart of our silence, we can hear a bird singing on a tree as if it were a part of ourselves with an innocence that is as clear as crystal. Without speaking, they teach us what we can become. Animals connect us to parts of ourselves, angles that do not always have a voice or a definition yet,but always remind us that the best of who we are does not necessarily have any limitations. Animals teach us how to love unconditionally without social barriers .We learn generosity, loyalty and friendship from them, in unexpected ways, when we are with them. Without expecting any reward or recognition, they give everything to us, in their own unspoken language that is silent, caring, noble and full of imagination .Our belief, understanding and enjoyment of what love, friendship and wisdom are have been nurtured and sustained by our friendship animals.



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Welcome to my artist blog or my art journaling posts. I would like to show you pictures of my art and writings as I make it.

I am interested in everything about visual art: art, drawings, paintings, photography, sculptures, videos and interactive ebooks. 

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