March 21, 2017

My name is Susana Roque. I am a contemporary artist living in Canada. I trained as an artist at SFU, Emily Carr and at Laval University. My art work explores our relationship to text, our bodies, spirituality and nature to learn more about who we are. I am also interested in making art about our relationship to animals from a human rights angle to help them and to see what our knowledge about them says about ourselves. My main body of work has been in photography this past year but I also work in all mediums since I build my art from my ideas first and then translate it into a medium that can best express them.

Like most contemporary artists in BC, my contemporary art training consisted in learning a lot about combining images and text together in different media. I am taking this a step further to incorporate dialogue and story telling in my work through video and multimedia. I work with drawing, painting , sculpture, mixed media and sound but my main area of interest at the moment is in making art books, with the intention of making them more and more interactive for the web. I am interested in mixing different kind of art forms - such as video, photography, sound and animation - with multimedia and computing science. I look forward to learning more about how to make books more creative with art, technology and writing.

From my work in making ebooks, I have created different series of original work. The interactive ebook that I am working on, The Lighthouse, the Bird and the Poem on the Shore which has poetry and photography has had  some photography intsllations and murals that have come out of it as part of the process of creating the work. I also made some smaller art books during these past two years like Under the Cherry Blossoms, Rain and Vancouver.  A lot of my creative work in art, which I am posting and documenting on this site in the blog, has been a part of the process of making ebooks.

My art work is  at Sketchbook Communications, an on-line company that specializes in combining stories, technology and art. The gallery section of this website displays series of original works which are available for exhibitions at galleries and artist run centres and  as well as for individual collectors. For example, two of my pictures from my series of photographs in the art book Vancouver were also displayed at the Firehall Theatre. In the section that talks about sketchbook communications, you can find my sketchbook for the website where I have animated some of the art that I have made ( you need to flip the pages right at the corners of the book).

I have a blog here on this site where you can learn more about me and my art on an ongoing basis. I look forward to documenting creative work for you and telling you more about it as I create more in the future. I am working on some writing and photography to finish The Lighthouse, the Bird and the poem on the Shore. I completed a photography and poetry project  about nature and the environment in an art book called Inverness Street with a book sample in my website. I have videos about. my art books on you tube. I also put a lot of my art work in a sketchbook video on youtube to give you a clear idea of what my art is like. I hope you enjoy looking at my art.

Thank you for visting me on this website !


Susana Roque